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The market scale of Fushan medical device industry is large and continues to grow rapidly


China's medical device industry has a large market scale and sustained rapid growth. According to the report released by Deloitte, the average annual growth rate of the industry has been around 20% since 2016, and the growth rate in recent years has been higher than that of GDP. By 2022, the industry's revenue will jump to 900 billion yuan. Especially in the field of medical consumables, the proportion is increasing. The export sales of small and medium-sized enterprises are increasing gradually, playing an increasingly important role in the industry.

Hangzhou Fushan medical has been committed to developing high-quality medical products, providing reliable services to meet market demand. Silicone laryngeal mask, silicone tracheal intubation, silicone gastric tube, gastrostomy tube, drainage tube and other products have achieved satisfactory sales in 2022. During the epidemic period, the order volume still keeps growing, and the export volume increases by 12% compared with 2021.

Fushan medical will seize the market opportunity, constantly improve itself, bring high-quality medical supplies to the market, and contribute to the healthy life of mankind.With the philosophy of "standard, preciseness, conncentration and innovation", Fushan is always keedping providing high grade medical devices to the world.


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