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Wound Drainage Series

  • Stainless Steel Trocar

    Stainless Steel Trocar

    Trocars are used in medicine to access and drain collections of fluid such as in a patient with hydrothorax or ascites. In modern times, surgical trocars are used to perform laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. They are deployed as a means of introduction for cameras and laparoscopic hand instruments, such as scissors, graspers, etc., to perform surgery hitherto carried out by making a large abdominal incision ("open" surgery), something that has revolutionized patient care.

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  • Silicone Disposable T-shaped Round Perforated Drainage Tube

    Silicone Disposable T-shaped Round Perforated Drainage Tube

    1. Designed and developed independently.Manufactured by a strictly controlled producing process. 
    2. Cooperate with world famous manufacturer partners, such as Lubrizol, Dupont, Top Clean Packaging Group, Bayer, and Kant etc. Our quality is guaranteed. 
    3. Improve the connecting process which is a patent belongs to us. It will reduce the risk of leakage, and falling off etc. Fushan brand T-shaped silcone round perforated drainage tube is much better than other sililar products.

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