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OEM Latex Foley Catheter

  • 2 Way Latex Foley Catheter

    2 Way Latex Foley Catheter

    1. 2 Way Latex Foley catheter is made of imported medical grade Latex, less allergic to patients. 2. It includes the type of 2 Way Latex Tiemann Tip Foley Catheter,2 Way Latex Tiemann Foley Catheter, which is angled upward at the tip to assist in negotiating the upward bend in the male urethra, this feature facilitates passage through the bladder neck in the presence of obstruction from a slightly enlarged prostate gland or through a narrowed stricture in the urethra. 3. It is used in departments of urology, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology for drainage of urine and medication. 3. It is also used for patients suffering form moving with difficulty or being completely bed-ridden. 4.The balloon has good balance and stretching,which facilitates the fixation of catheter in the bladder,so as to avoid slippage.

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  • 3 Way Latex Foley Catheter

    3 Way Latex Foley Catheter

    1. 3 Way latex Foley Catheter is the difference the 2 Way Latex Foley Catheter that there is one more chamber to give medicine directly to the bladder. 2. For patients with hematuria,it is generally used as a three-lumen urinary tube,because that is connected to the drainage bag at one end and the flushing solution at the other end. Continuous bladder flushing with normal saline can reduce the bleeding and prevent the obstruction of the urinary tube due to excessive bleeding.

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