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What is Wound Drainage Kit?


Closed Wound Drainage Kit 

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Product ComponentsRemark


Wound Drainage


100/150/200/400ml silicone reservoir



flat/round/perforated drain
stainless steel trocar

Product Feature

1.Made of 100% imported medical-grade silicone.

2.The kit contains different sizes reservoir, drainage tube and stainless steel trocar.

3.Used to remove blood and excess fluid from wound, so as to prevent or minimize hematomas and eliminate dead space.

4.Connectors can be equipped with drains if required.

Product introduction

        Fushan Closed Wound Drainage Kit contains different sizes reservoir, drainage tube and stainless steel trocar. 

        Reservoir is made of imported medical grade silicone, with anti-reflux valve. Blood or secretion will be sucked inside the bulb due to negative pressure.

        Stainless Steel Trocar is made of stainless steel, with sharp pinpoint and smooth body. With a proper angle, which is more convenience of puncture and with a smooth end or terraced end for choice.

        There are different types of drainage tubes: silicone flat fluted drain, silicone round fluted drain, round perforated drain, flat perforated drain. They are all made of medical silicone and have good biocompatibility. They are the best choice for drainage of secretions.

        Fushan Closed Wound Kit, it is a high-quality product developed by Fushan, which can be perfectly used for intraoperative and postoperative drainage,

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