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Silicone Gastrostomy Tube PEG Feeding Tube


Product Name

Silicone Gastrostomy Tube

Intended Use Of Product

    Gastrostomy is to establish a passage between the anterior wall of stomach and the anterior abdominal wall to the outside body to solve the nutritional problems of some patients.When the doctor determines that the gastrostomy channel has been formed, usually 4-6 weeks after the PEG tube is inserted, the PEG tube can be replaced with a gastrostomy tube.

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Product No.Size(Fr)Length(mm)Remark

    Fushan Silicone Gastrostomy Tube is one of the main self operated products of Fushan medical. It is made of 100% medical grade silicone, the tube body is soft and transparent, and the balloon is bonded inside and outside, which is soft and tough. X-ray line runs through the whole body to facilitate a series of postoperative examinations. At the same time, it can be matched with enfit connector to meet the market standard. Fushan has been demanding itself with high standards. This type of gastrostomy tube meets the market demand and has been sold to many countries in Europe and America, and has been highly praised by customers.

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